vancouver island road trips

Vancouver Island Road Trips

Vancouver Island road trips really are the best road trips!

Vancouver Island Road Trips + a justgo van = unparalleled experience for all ages! Whether you head West, North, or South from our Nanaimo campervan rental location on the East Coast of the Island, you are sure to find breathtaking scenery.

The best part about Vancouver Island road trips in a justgo van? You can hop in and let the road take you! While some of our travellers plan out many stops + campsite locations in advance, many arrive to rent a just go camper van with no plan whatsoever. Step 1. they book a campervan for hire and Step 2. they know the general direction they want to venture out in.

Our friends & partners Tourism Vancouver Island have put together a great list of the awesome ‘must-see’ routes on the Island. Best Vancouver Island Road Trips : Vancouver Island Driving Routes:

South Vancouver Island Road Trip

“Go full circle on Southern Vancouver Island with the Pacific Marine Circle Route. A road with varied landscapes, stops, and views, the loop is a popular treks. Includes Duncan – CowichanVictoriaPort RenfrewJordan River. The total drive clocks in at 289 km or 179 miles. With the beach pull outs, easy access cafes, and soaring ocean views, the Pacific Marine Circle Route ranks high amongst drivers.”

Cross Regional Vancouver Island Road Trip

“Traversing the southern half of Vancouver Island, this road trip will take you across distinct regions and landscapes—urban, rolling countryside, and coastal. Consider it your road map to adventure, the journey between city dweller to island local. Around each bend is a new sight, whether that’s landmark Douglas Firs towering over the highway or sparkling blue waters of the ocean inlets. The distance between Victoria and Ucluelet is about 293 kilometres. If done in a straight shot takes around five hours.”

Central to North Central Vancouver Island Road Trip

“The Oceanside Route of Highway 19A is a slower trek compared to its sister highway, but it’s a seamless fit with its surroundings. Oceanside ribbons of road to stretches through valleys and over tall peaks. The Oceanside Route between Nanaimo and Campbell River is a quieter, more nature-focused journey.”

Central to North Vancouver Island Road Trip

“The longest of the Vancouver Island routes, the Nanaimo to Port Hardy trek also affords the opportunities to take things at full speed. A stretch of 114 kilometres between Parksville and Campbell River is 110k/hr. A total of 385 kilometres for this drive. The double yellow lines are like beckoning beams, pulling the car deeper into the dense forest of North Vancouver Island. It’s just you, the road, and nature.”