nanaimo tourism camper van rental art wall

“alis volat propriis” | “she flies with her own wings”

There’s a cool open art wall in downtown Nanaimo that was just created this Summer… so while we were waiting for our next explorers to arrive for their Vancouver Island Westfalia Rental pickup this past weekend, we took our 1972 Westy down for a quick photoshoot & gave her some wings…


“alis volat propriis” | “she flies with her own wings”

Beautiful artwork created by Willow Friday 🙏🏽


The Artist, Willow Friday, is the owner of Iron Oxide Art Supplies in Nanaimo, British Columbia… & the wings mural is located the former A&B Sound building as part of the Humanity in Art Project. 

The outside of the building has been taken over by “Nanaimo’s arts community as a canvas for local artists participating in the city’s first mural gallery, created to help revitalize the section of downtown….” – Nanaimo News Bulletin