RV Rentals vs Camper Van Rental on Vancouver Island Canada BC

rv rentals vs camper van rental vancouver island

RV Rentals vs Campervan Rental on Vancouver Island?

Have you been researching a trip to Vancouver Island and aren’t sure whether RV Rentals or a Campervan Rental is better for you?

It all depends on the experience you are looking for.

We have had many camper van rental customers who have gone with RV rentals in the past to explore Vancouver Island, and every single one has reported back to us how renting a justgo campervan was a much better experience for a variety of reasons.

The main feedback we have heard from our travellers:

1. Affordability – our camper rentals are more economical not only to rent, but to fuel up… meaning you can travel more, for less.

2. Ease – campervan rentals are easier to drive and park and move around when exploring simply because they are more compact.

You can also fit in smaller, cheaper camping spots on Vancouver Island that RV’s cannot.

RV Rentals vs Camper Van Rental on Vancouver Island Canada BC

If you are contemplating renting a camper van, trailer, conversion van, massive motorhome or mini RV for your next road trip throughout Vancouver Island, there are many advantages to choosing our all inclusive campervan rentals vs. RVs… justgo campervans offer an amazing alternative to traditional RV’s and motorhomes.

We created this company so that you too, can experience the thrill and freedom of the open road with our campervan rentals on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

If you are interested in exploring how the #vanlife can make your next Island adventure picture perfect, contact us or book now – we’d love to make you part of our justgo #vanfam 🙂

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