vw westfalia camper van rentals nanaimo victoria vancouver island

WHY A WESTY? vw westfalia camper van rentals nanaimo victoria

“VW Westfalia is the designation of various specially converted Volkswagen camper vans. It is named after Westfalia-Werke, the contractor that built the vw campervans, which is headquartered in the town of Rheda-Wiedenbrück, located in the Westphalia region of Germany…”

There is no question that driving and camping out in a VW Westfalia campervan is totally hip… extremely cool… and very dreamy.

Combine that with the beachy vibes on Vancouver Island, cruising down the highway in a Westy with good music on and the pacific breeze flowing through your hair … and you’re #LivingTheDream.

There’s a reason why so many of our Nanaimo VW Westfalia van rentals are said to have ‘fulfilled a lifelong dream‘… we strongly believe they offer an experience like no other Vancouver Island campervan rental or RV rental in Nanaimo / Victoria available today.

vw westfalia camper van rentals nanaimo victoria vancouver island

When you blend in but also stand out like NBD… 😎 #vanlife @vanlifeing_com

Volkswagen Westfalias DO 100% totally live up to their hype… & it’s all about the experience:

They’re one of the most popular vehicular fashion statements on this Earth. ✔︎

History on wheels… that you can also live + exist in, quite comfortably.  ✔︎

The VW “Transporter” is the best-selling van in history with over 12 million units roaming the globe. ✔︎

There’s 93 cubic feet of available cargo space, that’s more than any 7 passenger crossover on the market today. ✔︎
(+ none of those will cook you eggs and bacon in the morning).

They’ve been featured in soooo many movies… + Did you know that Steve Jobs + Jerry Seinfeld have owned these VW vans? ✔︎

There’s something appealing about carrying your home inside of your car, and the Westfalia is a surprisingly spacious little rolling house in which you’ll find all the basic necessities to remain alive. It has a propane-powered stove and some have fridges. One of the beds is stowed in the roof under the pop-top. There’s a sink to wash your face in the morning, and plenty of available storage areas for dishes, utensils or a few board games. The Westfalia is a very comfortable van to spend plenty of time in. Those front bucket seats are supportive, cushy, and the entire ride is soft.. so you instantly feel like you’re on vacation when driving it.  🚐💨

– jalopnik

What impresses us most about VW Westfalia Campervans and why we wanted to bring them here as Vancouver Island camper van rentals over any thing else available on the market today… is that they simply are the coolest camper van out there… Even if this is a vintage vehicle with ‘smaller’ dimensions, it’s very spacious… yet comfortably cozy inside.

You can stand straight up in it, walk around… everything can be very intelligently stowed…  there’s really no waste of space.

The Volkswagen Westfalia is truly an automotive icon … and anyone who’s driven one will tell you that the moment you’ll get behind the wheel of a justgo Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia rental to go road-tripping and camping on Vancouver Island, you’ll want to drive off to wherever for as long as possible, leaving your problems behind… totally ready for a new adventure.

It’s all about living and experiencing the best #vanlife… and we want as many people as possible to have a taste of it.