“Millennial Women Tell Us Why They Joined the #VanLife Trend and TBH, Their Stories Are Super Inspiring…”

“When it comes females traveling on the road, there definitely seems to be an increase in people hitting the road for extended periods of time, as well as increasing visibility as to the diversity of women who are out there,” says Laura Hughes host of the @womenontheroad Podcast which highlights stories from various women who live on the road. One glance at the IG account, and you’ll see a growing, diverse community of female travelers—solo, with partners, pets, or families—sharing real stories, advice, challenges, and inspiration. “I’ve fallen in love with van life because it empowers me to explore anywhere in my own time. Coming back to the van after a long hike is like coming home, yet you are still fully encompassed by the solitude of nature. There’s nothing better than that.”- Kirby Pallis who rented a van for a road trip (“it was one of the best adventures I’ve ever had”) and is now looking to get her own van to fully take on #vanlife..." - Parade.com

This clip features one of JUSTGO's first solo female Vancouver Island travellers in 2018… Laura Courtney @lauracourtney_ , who first took out our 1972 Westfalia, "Olive" camper van rental and on her second Vancouver Island trip in 2019 was joined by @Jorden when they hit the road to do some BC camping and #ExploreVancouverIsland in our 1985 Westfalia van rental, “Goldie”.

( + psssst: @justgovans is also a female-founded company☀)