Why van life is the best way to travel

Thanks to a new wave of minimalism, the #vanlife movement is gaining momentum once again — and it appears the trend is here to stay. One thing is undeniable — you’ll get to experience more of the world than you ever thought possible.

The beauty of the mobile lifestyle is that you quite literally take your home with you wherever you go — which means midday outfit changes, impromptu picnics, and pulling over to make coffee at epic viewpoints are all a possibility.

Constant access to your closet, kitchen, and (basically) all of your possessions means you’re always conveniently equipped for your next adventure, no matter what you decide to do.

The number one reason to ditch the stationary life for an adventure on the open road? Freedom!

And van life provides the ultimate freedom. From pulling over whenever you please to sleeping wherever your heart desires, whether it be overlooking crashing waves, amidst a forest, in the mountains, outside of the rad little brewery you just discovered… the choice is yours. You choose where to call “home” each night, what to explore that day, where to stay for a few days and when to move on.

If you can give up some comforts of home, embrace the adventure and learn to live with less, van life can indeed be the adventure of a lifetime and the perfect way to press ‘reset’ on your life. Plus, you’ll never be short on amazing stories to tell.

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Think waking up to panoramic views, unlimited sunsets, and pulling over wherever your heart desires. The beauty of the mobile lifestyle is that you can cover as much, or as little ground as you desire. One day you may find yourself exploring a metropolitan city, and the next, the unparalleled beauty of a National Park. The adventure is what you make it!